im 22 years old im an outgoing lad always up for a laugh im into bmx, motorcross, cars anything with an engine and of course tattoos. i had my first tattoo when i was 17 (my girlfriends name) lol, since then i have had more n more tats always gone to the same person Rita birch.

i met rita when i went for my tattoo at ace art studio in rotherham since then i always go to rita apart from a few tattoos i have done myself, i currently have 21 tattoos spread from my knee upwards and some daft ones but most are great i think, i have a half leg sleeve planned out for my next one which i think will cath the eye of a few people it looks awsome :) i have attached some photos of my tattoos from when i first had them done upto now.

What made you start getting tattoos?

seeing other people with them and wanting one myself.

When did you get your tattoo?

i was 17 and i had my girlfriends name tattooed.

What do your family think of your ink?

some like it some hate it.

What Advice Would You Give?

just to think about what tattoo you want basically once its there its not going away.

What are you going to get done next?

leg sleeve

What do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

great magazine from what iv seen some brilliant ink and great photos.

How many tattoos have you got?


''I think that Paperchasers ink is a great magazine - it shows what the everyday person has inked upon their skin and it gives it a down-to-earth feel''


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