I'm abit mad! My family have owned tattoo shops for 10+ years so it's always been apart of my like! My mum has alway said if she owned a cake shop id be fat! I get tattoos because I LOVE the art not because it's a fashion hype! Iv been getting tattoos since I was 13.. And I have never stopped! I see tattoos as a apart of me, a way I express myself.

I'm also a bartender and my tattoos are always a talking point on the bar! I HATE when people get shit tattoos and think they are "tatted" but yeah.. I don't think I'm ever gonna stop getting tattoos. I also body pierce at my mums shop but the whole piercing thing isn't really me..

I have a few but I just enjoy do piercing I don't enjoy getting them! LOL! Iv done tattoo modelling before but not as much as I wanna do! But I only wanna do it when I'm 1000% happy with all the ink I have. Working in the tattoo shop is one of the best things Iv ever done, you meet so many different people everyday!

One thing all tattoos have in common is the music.. NOT IN MY MUMS SHOP we go crazy with the music.. Abit of dubstep, drum and bass, rap, hip hop & even rock music! We like to bring a different angle to tattooing & being tattooed. The things I have to have when I get tattooed is.. Loud music in my head phones, chewing gum & sweets.. Oh and regular cigaret brakes!

What made you start getting tattoos?

I love the way you can express yourself with tattoos

When did you get your frist peice of work?

When I was 13!

What do your family think of your ink?

Even though my mum owns two shops she thinks Iv got too many! lol

What Advice Would You Give?


What are you going to get done next?

My other hand!

What do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

I really like it..

How many tattoos have you got?

To be honest I don't have a clue, I don't count them I just see them all as one unfinished project.

Have you been in any other magazines?



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