My first tattoo I got when I was 15, a random choice and a spur of the moment sort of thing, was the the left swallow on my chest. At the time I was following a trend, and because I was so young and afraid I would get i.d in the tattoo shop I went to, I decided to go with something simple. After that, I soon started getting more tattoos, but it’s only been this last year, since I turned 18 (almost 19 now) that I really got into getting more work done. Some of the tattoos I have done were from a needle and indian ink, which was an unneccesary and long process, which looking back on was a silly idea, but I didn’t have the money or i.d to continue getting work done in shops.

Some of the needle work I’ve had recently tattooed over, but some are still visible. Most of my right leg is from when I purchased my own machine, being so in love with tattoos and being a creative drawer when I was young made me want to become an artist. Some of the work I’ve seen tattooist do is incredibly life like, and I always hoped I could become one of those great artists. Unfortunately I was silly enough to not buy a substance similar to human skin, and practiced on myself.

Looking at the work on my leg now, I can clearly see all my mistake (having worked in a tattoo shop and observing the artists), but I suppose they are somewhat a memory. The rest of my tattoos are pretty irrelevant to myself, I just really like the different shades and darkness’s of the images. I try and base my tattoos on things that are disorientated, unusual and bizzare.

what got you into tattoos?

I started self harming at a young age, and really loved the way it made me stick out from everyone else, it was a personal mark that no one else could have. So I started looking into other ways to create art on the body.

what do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

it’s a new magazine that I think will get far, once its more out there.

what was the last tattoo that you got done?

the last tattoo I got done was a medusa on my right arm, she’s attacking a man, but the artist didn’t use the whole image and a lot of people have said that it looks like he is licking her out..

''I think that Paperchasers ink is a great magazine - it shows what the everyday person has inked upon their skin and it gives it a down-to-earth feel''

what are you going to get done next?

I was thinking a budda on my back, to symbolize my father and his mum.

what shop and artists do you get your ink from?

I get my work done from a tattoo shop I used to work in, the artist is called Marek, one of the fastest and most incredible artist I have met in a while


Paperchasers Ink - issue #11



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