WATCH: Behind the scenes @ Hipman Junky ft K Koke ''HOLD ON'' Shoot

Paperchasers Ink urban tattoo magazine joins our friend, music artist Hipman Junky for his new single ''HOLD ON'' featuring K Koke, and its a banger!!! we take some of our models up to the shoot to bring the Paperchasers Ink vibe!! and we cant wait till the video drops!!

PCI Behind the scenes @ Hipman Junky ft

K-Koke ''HOLD ON'' Video shoot

Watch our little behind the scenes video of some of the cool stuff we got upto on the roof top over looking London at the video shoot, it was a crazy night and as for all you people who follow the magazine, you know that we have loads of love for Hipman and it is amazing to see him keep on the grind and making good music that stands out.. We know that 2016 is going to be a good year for the Hipman movement!!!!


Facebook - Hipman-Junky Twitter - @HipmanJunky

Facebook - KOKEUSG Twitter - KokeUSG


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