There is a deep love that we have for Boom Bap festival and what it stands for, well it is the UK's only real hip hop festival and that's a big deal for a hip hop lover. last year Paperchasers Ink covered the festival (read here) for the magazine and we loved everything about it, the vibe, the music, the people! it was banging!!

Next month its time to bring that vibe back for 2016 and the Boom Bap team have put together a killer fucking lineup, we have the international artists who are flying the flag of the USA like AR Rugged man, Pharoahe Monch, Da$h and A-F-R-O and we can't wait to see them rock the festival but for us Boom Bap is all about the UK homegrown hip hop talent and they is going to be tons of it this year.




There are loads of things that make Boom Bap stand out from all the other festivals in the UK, where it's the same old artists who are doing a thousand festivals a year and if you miss them at one festival then 'who the fuck cares!' you always see them somewhere else, but when it comes the Boom Bap, they bring loads of artists who are popping in there own right and have a massive following but due to the grimy, real hip hop that they lay down and we love, you will never see them at wireless and that's a ok!! them festival goers are not ready for what Boom Bap is packing, THIS IS HIP HOP BITCH!!!

The music fans who hit the Bap each year are just that that, fans!!. spitting along with their favorite artist bar for bar and we love to see that shit, it's kind of easy to know all the fucking words to a Drake track when it gets played five thousand times a day, that's more like brainwashing, than someone being a real fan of a artist. anyway fuck all that we will be head bopping in Peterborough again real soon to some real shit... to some artists who you may have never heard of if you're not into UK hip hop!! like TASK FORCE, OCEAN WISDOM, CULT MOUNTAIN, DEAD PLAYERS, SPLIT PROPHETS, MYSTRO AKA MYSDIGGI,

PHILI & DOTZ, DATKID and that's just to name a few.




paperchasers ink

This year Paperchasers Ink will be bringing the tattoo vibe to the festival and we can't wait, with the magazine/tattoo zone, giving away FREE copies of the magazine and doing loads of giveaways, competitions, clothing as well as covering everything that goes down at the fest, as well as interviewing tons of the music artists who will be ripping the stage.

It's a celebration of hip hop culture and if you claim to be down with hip hop and you don't hit this years festival then all we can say is 'You must be some kind of dickhead' real talk!!


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Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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