As you should know by now, the magazine team are going to be holding the Paperchasers Ink tattoo/magazine zone at this years amazing hip hop festival Boom Bap and its going to be the fucking nutz.

We are bringing the tattoo vibe to the festival, doing a bit of tattooing, photo shoots, music artist interviews, giveaways and competitions, clothing and giving away thousands of copies of the the latest print issue of Paperchasers Ink for FREE and that's a big fucking deal...

We covered the festival last year (Read Here) but for 2016 bigger things are popping for the magazine and we have grown as a brand just like how Boom Bap festival has transformed from a small event to a kickass festival.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WATCH: Paperchasers Ink @ Boom Bap Festival 2015


If you would like to get a new tattoo at Boom Bap then contact us and tell us what kind of tattoo you would like (Click Here) and we will get back to you to super fast to start your booking, it's as easy as that

So make sure that you come over into the magazine zone and show us your tattoos and get your photo taken and all that good shit. #paperchasersInk get some free stuff from us and meet the team, we can't wait



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