As they get ready for their second year Product Earth Expo is back. For those that missed out last year this festival is unlike no other, being that it is an expo. It celebrates the medicinal purposes of cannabis, educating people and promoting the progress of hemp and cannabis industries.

For everything you need to know about medicinal cannabis come down and educate yourself find out just how cannabis heals so many illnesses and why it should be legalized. You will find many different things happening down at product earth with the outdoor stage, the indoor expo and the tattoo zone you will be glad it last two days.

This weed fest isn't just an expo of medicinal purpose seminars, Product Earth is a place to celebrate your love for cannabis and all of it's healing properties. Giving you the ultimate paraphernalia sweet shop experience. The line up is pretty sick with Grandmaster flash headlining, P money, Logan Sama, Akala, Black the ripper and Mc Luck n Neat just to name a few.

If you are looking for somewehre to purchase your next vape, try some new rizla flavours or maybe even the gold plated sheets? If not there is plenty of fun to be had, delicious food stalls to eat from and a killer line up that will be playing until 3am

We can not wait, so pleased this is first... not long now


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