As summer is coming fast and we get ready for the amazing Product Earth Expo in June we want to make sure that all of you don't forget some shit that you are going to need, so to help you all along we bring you this badass survival guide

Tent – Make sure that you get a good one! - Sleeping bag - Extra blankets - Pillows - Air mattress - Head lamps - Lantern - Tarp - Hammer - Extra toilet paper - Bath towels, at least one per person and an extra - Chairs

Febreeze for the tent - make sure it stays fresh - Stereo or music player (also include extra batteries) - Car inverter for electronics - Tent locks - large umbrellas, and Sunbrellas -

Trash bags

Travel shampoo/conditioner - Face wipes - Baby wipes - Toothpaste/toothbrushMouthwash - First aid kit (Band-Aids, etc.)

Pain medicine

Any medications you are taking (birth control, anti-anxiety pills, motion sickness meds, etc.)

Cold medicine - Vitamins - Cotton swabs - Razors or shaving kit

Condoms (if you don’t mind dirty festival sex)

Hair brush

When it comes to packing clothes our only suggestion is that to bring things you don’t mind getting messed up because you will be outside partying all weekend and things can get pretty dirty, make sure to pack extras of everything so that you can put on dry clothes whenever you need to.

Shoes (pack at least one pair of walking shoes as well as flip flops and sandals)

Rain shoes - Socks - Skirts, jeans, shorts

Tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, jacket

Sleeping clothes

Bandanas (these can be wildly handy for many reasons as well as for fashion)

Hats - Sunglasses - Belts - Undies and bras - Scarves, gloves, skull caps

Rain coat - Back packs

These are the essentials but you should also think about fun stuff to do at the campsite like hula hoops, glow sticks, Frisbees, soccer balls, playing cards and anything else you like to do and don’t forget your camera!


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Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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