CHESTER P FOR MAYOR: Hip Hop, Homelessness & the Housing Crisis

When you make good music and you have been in the game for years, as a artist you have the power to help change the world around you, even if its something small. in this new full length documentary it follows UK Hiphop legand Chester P on his journey through Hip Hop, Homelessness in the UK and the Housing Crisis that is hitting us.

Over here at Paperchasers Ink we have nothing but love for Chester P and his mission to bring to light what is going on with the housing crisis and how homelessness can happen to anyone.

''Fuck Boris!!!. Chester P for mayor!''

This is a very inspirational documentary featuring Focus E15, Love Activists, New Era Estate residents, Streets Kitchen plus many more.

**SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT** Buy the Real Talk Records LP where all the money goes directly to the homeless from CLICK HERE For donations please send via paypal to

Original Music by Django Mankub Produced by Tripwire Productions Directed by Greg Hall (@DirGregHall) Starring Chester P (@ChesterP_TF)


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