Everyone that knows us will tell you that we love abit of the good old green, but we was taken to the next step when we was at Product Earth Expo for this years festival, we loved it and so did everyone who was up in Peterborough on the 25th of june. When some people think of loads of weed lovers getting together to show their love for cannabis they might have some flashbacks to the 70's and think its some hippy shindig, not this time.. Product Earth is aimed at educating the public about the health & medicinal benefits of cannabis and sharing the innovations of the cannabis and hemp industries from all over the UK and the rest of the world..

Product Earth Expo is the only weed festival in the UK and it has been put together to showcase and promote the rapidly expanding Hemp and Cannabis industry that is booming all aroung the world and loads of the big players like Barney’s Farm, Humboldt Seeds Organization, Attitude Seed Bank, Ali Bongo and loads more cool companies who are all about the good green...

Issue #9 of our print magazine was packed full of weed stuff like weed tattoos, bongs and tons of cool shit like that, with teaming up with the boys of at Product Earth, our mag was part of the official Showguide to the expo so we had to do things big and we droped 10,000 copies to giveaway for free..

We had our amazing Paperchasers Ink magazine/tattoo zone setup, bringing some cool tattoo artists along with us for the ride, we was working hard all weekend and didnt get to see everything that was going on like some of the music artists who hit the stage over the weekend like Grandmaster Flash, Benny Page, Stormin Stage Show, Akala, Black the Ripper, DJ Luck and MC Neat and all the others

With over 4,500 people hitting Product Earth Expo 2016 for the expo's second year its not hard to tell that things are only going to get better for the UK's cannabis scene with Product Earth leading the way and we want to see all of you there with us next year...


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