The Nass hype count down begins, as we get ready and look forward to doing it all again. Heading back to Somerset for what will be our third year down at Nass it's like be reunited with family we miss it

Over the previous years attending Nass we have been there as press covering all the cool elements the festival has to offer. We've had some of the best chances to hang out and meet some pretty legendary and awesome dudes Tony Hawks, Big Narstie, general levy, klashnekof, giggs, public enemy just a few I can think off my head

Nass is a really cool fest last years lineup was crazy stormzy, bugsy Malone, Narstie, Jurassic 5, kurupt fm, wilkinson it went down

One of my favourite things about Nass is that it's not all outdoors and by night it takes cover and gets divided over so many warehouse type spaces and becomes almost like a village of indoor raves.

The fun don't stop as by day there is plenty to keep you entertained. You can watch and taking part in the skating or bmxing and if being hands on ain't your thing don't worry just grab some snacks and prepare to get comfortable as you can be sure that competitions running over the weekend will keep you on the edge of your seat

This is a camping festival and I advise anyone that can to buy a ticket for Vip camping just for a more enjoyable experience.

With funfair rides, shopping village and plenty of food be sure you have your spending money ready

Buy your tickets here --- Last year gallery

Directions here --- FAQs here



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