My name is Makenzie. Im 21 years old I have a son and a daughter. My favorite color is baby blue. I have 3 unique pets 2 dogs one with a nub and the other has a broken tail then my last one i like to call her my "jungle Cat" which is my Bengal cat that looks like a snow leopard.

i like having unique pets and taking in the ones no one wants. I love being different and my own leader follow my own rules. I have 13 tattoos and still counting. tattoos are like scars to me they all have a reason and why their there.

Mine tell past events that meant a lot to me in life. I don't care what anyone says about them or i don't care what im going to look like in 80 years all i know is im going to be one sexy rocking grandma! Id like to go far in life with my tattoos show them to the world by being in inked magazines and showing everyone you don't have to look like a barbie doll everyone is pretty in there own way!

What made you start getting tattoos?

What made me start getting into tattoos is the beauty and how they stand out and inked magazines. I used to write poems about my life but i wanted something else to share my past events in a way so i started looking on the internet and google to get some ideas and put my own ideas into it so it would show the story why i got the tattoo.

How do you deal with the pain when getting inked?

I deal with the pain by talking to my tattoo artist or thinking about how sick its going to look when its finished or my next tattoo.

What do your family think of your ink and have any of them got ink?

My family is fine by my ink and hope i go far with sharing my ink with the world.

''I deal with the pain by talking to my tattoo artist or thinking about how sick its going to look when its finished''

What Advice Would You Give?

The advice i would give someone about getting a tattoo is make sure its what your sure of and do you think you will love it forever.

What was your last tattoo and what are you going to get done next?

My last tattoo was my Horse/ohana/skull butterfly tattoo at once my next tattoo i want et done is my half sleeve

What do you think of Paperchasers ink magazine and how did you find out about it?

I think Paperchasers Ink magazine is very good and inspiring. i found out about it on Facebook

How many tattoos have you got?


Tattoo shop?

inktoxcating tattoos

Tattoo artist?

Bobbi Fine


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