C'mon own up we all used to rush to Limewire to download Eminem's early shit. I'm talking Lose Yourself... I'm talking Stan and Like Toy Soldiers.

Often rapping about a troubled life and hardships, Eminem has always been able to make relatable rap with an impeccable rhyme scheme and quick flow. If Eminem wasn't on your Nokia brick phone back in the day you weren't living. Looking on Youtube now the Lose Yourself music video has amassed 111 million views.

As a symbol of coming up against adversity time and time again and pushing through it to pursue a dream- Eminem is more than just a rapper, he's a role model to the younger generations. If you haven't watched 8 Mile stop what you're doing right now and give it a watch. So can you blame people for getting these seriously incredible Eminem pieces inked onto their skin?

#LATESTNEWS #tattoocollection #HIPHOP

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