Jason Voorhees has been the terrifying, faceless mass-murderer from Friday the 13th and has been killing people on screen scince 1980 when he first made his first cinematic appearance

When it comes to Friday 13th its all about the mask and Jasons slow ass walk but dont let the walk fool you, it dont matter how fast you are you can never get away from Mr Voorhees.

How many people from all over the world have got a Friday 13th tattoos but we know that it is a hell of a lot, so we have picked out some of the cool ones that we like and we hope they scare the shit out of you.. boo


In the summer of 1958 at Camp Crystal Lake, two camp counselors named Barry and Claudette sneak away from a campfire and into a storage barn. They prepare to have sex, before an unseen assailant enters and murders them both.

21 years later, newly hired counselor Annie Phillips enters a small diner and asks for directions to the reopened Camp Crystal Lake. A friendly truck driver named Enos agrees to drive Annie halfway, while an elderly man, Crazy Ralph, warns Annie against going, believing the camp has a "death curse". During the drive, Enos tells Annie about a young boy that drowned at Crystal Lake in 1957 and about the two murders the following year. After Enos drops her off, Annie hitches another ride from an unseen second driver, who later chases her into the woods and slashes her throat.

At the camp, counselors Ned, Jack, Bill, Marcie, Brenda and Alice, along with the owner Steve Christy, refurbish the cabins and facilities. As a thunderstorm approaches, Steve leaves the campground to stock supplies. Soon, the murderer arrives at the camp and kills Ned off-screen. As Jack and Marcie have sex in one of the cabin's bunk beds, they are unaware of Ned's body with his throat slit above them. Shortly, Jack is murdered from his throat pierced with an arrow from underneath the bed, and the killer murders Marcie by slamming an axe into her face. Brenda hears a child's voice seeking for help and she ventures outside her cabin to the archery range, only for the range lights to turn on and she is attacked off-screen. Eventually, Steve returns to the camp and the killer shines a flashlight at him; he appears to recognize the killer before he is shortly killed.


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