Back In the classic 2000 Legend of Zelda game, Majora's mask is a relic of an ancient tribe that bewitches its wearer and wreaks havoc all over the place and we love it..

We love seeing peole that get tattoos of the real things that they love, the shit that is in their hearts, you might think that we are talking shit but if you ask someone what things are you into, they are not going to say roses and skulls.. they are going to say shit like movies, games, smoking weed.. well you can smoke weed as you watch movies and play games so we are not going to count that one, but you get the point, say we always tell people when it comes to tattoos, you cant go wrong if you really get tattoos of the things you love.


Majora's Mask takes place a few months after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time[20] and begins with Link searching for his departed fairy, Navi.[21] While riding through a forest in Hyrule on his horse Epona, Link is ambushed by the masked Skull Kid and his fairy accomplices Tatl and Tael, who steal both Epona and his musical instrument, the Ocarina of Time. Link follows them down a dark cave, where he confronts the Skull Kid, who curses him by turning him into a Deku Scrub. Tatl stops Link from going after the Skull Kid as the latter escapes with Tael through a door, but is then separated from them when the door closes behind them. Realizing she needs Link's help to find them, Tatl insists that they work together. Link follows the Skull Kid through the cave into the inside of the Clock Tower in the land of Termina. There, he meets the Happy Mask Salesman, who seemed to have been following him.

The salesman offers to help Link heal his curse, in exchange for which he must retrieve both the Ocarina of Time and the Majora's Mask from the Skull Kid. The Skull Kid, having stolen the Majora's Mask from the salesman, became possessed by its overwhelming power and transformed into an uncontrollable fiend who inflicts certain misfortune on others, the worst of which is an impending apocalypse: the moon is now set to collide with the world in approximately three days time.

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