Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I’v a 23 year old spontaneous woman with an ambition to die for. I’ve been approached often about my tattoos and why I have so many, Tattoos can be misconstrued in many different ways negative and positive.

My tattoos are descriptions of me, The past, present, and the future. After serving my country active duty, I began a career as a logistical, and college part time. I spend most of my time reading ink magazines, writing poems, exercising and listening to various genres of music. My career has kept me very busy for the past years not to mention single. However, being single dont stop my tattoo fetish it just makes ŵe more motivated to get more ink..

What made you start getting tattoos?

It was honestly peer pressure my first boyfriend had one and I wanted one after I seen his, He told me it took his mind to another place when he was down and out, at the time I was curious on just how good it could make me feel.

When did you get your first piece of work?

I was 15 and it was my horoscope sign Pisces on my right arm that is now a cover up.

What does your family think of your ink?

My mom gave me permission to get my first one, and my father was very upset He asked ŵe ͞Would you put ďuŵper stickers on a Bentley? They are both fine with it now and accept me for the way I am.

What Advice Would You Give?

Anyone that gets tattoos should get something they will remember forever, something you will not be ashamed of years down the line and remember that your body is your temple in which you can do with as you please.

What are you going to get done next?

Half sleeve oŶ ŵy left arŵ ͞Dreaŵ CatĐher ͞theŵe, Major back piece undecided of the theme yet more to follow.

What do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

Paperchasers Ink is addictive amazing to see the talent that is out there all of the artwork is well presented and I look forward to seeing more.

How many tattoos have you got?



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