My name is Bliss- alt girl and tattooed model currently based in Cheshire/ Stoke, though my work takes me all over the country I want to create some art! I have been published internationally in Bizarre Magazine, Kultur Mag, Vanity Hype, InsideShock Magazine, Wasted! Magazine, Get Your Rock Out , Fashion Bombshell and many more.

I have worked promotionally at Essex Tattoo Expo, Tattoo Tea Party, Manchester International Tattoo Convention, Scuzz and SOS Festival. I am also featured on Bizarre Magazines Ultra Vixens website and I am a sponsored model for Bleading Marvelous and Maria LeFaye Couture.

I have modelled for IVX Couture, Less than Zero, No Fit State Clothing, Spanky Pants Latex, Nightmare Jewellery, ASD Latex, KinkyKex and also worked wearing Alice Vandy (now featured on her networking pages), Westwood Bound and Pandora Delux Latex

What made you start getting tattoos?

My best friend wanted to be a tattoo artist so i let her practice on my back, it turned out as band as you can imagine so i had to think about covering it up, as i learnt about the industry i came across girls like Cervena Fox, Lusy Logan etc and was overwhelmed with a sense that id found who i wanted to be and a lifestyle that suited me.

How do you deal with the pain when getting inked?

I find it helps to try and get into a zone and blank it out, i'm pretty good with the pain except on my back, the longest ive hacked on my back was 3 hours and i was almost crying.

What do your family think of your ink and have any of them got ink?

Both of my sisters have small tattoos, ankles etc my eldest sister is fine with mine and says 'its too late for her to do anything about it now' the other sister hates them and makes no secret of it she has them too, just not as good ;)

''I love what PaperChasers represents, i think its a stand out media as the alternative scene becomes more mainstream and i am very proud to be part of it''

What Advice Would You Give?

Its your body, and when people ask how its going to make you look when your older reply with ' it will make me look so hard noone will fight me for my pension book!'

What was your last tattoo and what are you going to get done next?

My sleeve is taking a bit longer then i had wanted so that was the last one and the one im still working on. I also have plans for my right leg involving red pandas, lynxs, rare cats etc.

What do you think of Paperchasers Ink magazine and how did you find out about it?

I love what PaperChasers represents, i think its a stand out media as the alternative scene becomes more mainstream and im very proud to be part of it. I came across the page before the magazine started on facebook and have fan girled ever since.


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