My name is CC and I'm from the land of meatballs and vodka (yep you guessed it-Sweden!) I wanted tattoos for as long as I can remember. But it was not something that was accepted in my family. That was one of the reasons why it took me so long to get started. (So now I get 2 tats at a time when I go so I can catch up haha…Ϳ I got my very first one 3yrs ago, and i have been addicted ever since.

I always imagined myself designing my own tattoos. Then I finally realized---Hey leave it to the professionals! Im myself a graphic designer and an art director by trade-so I very much understand the concept of respecting the artist and their craft. For starters I wanted so many tats I didn't know where to begin! I had at least 15 different pieces of art in mind, and I couldn't decide on which one was the most important or where to put it. It was almost like I put too much thought into it!

Until one day when I just said F*** it lets go! I got my first ink done in Hawaii. I had decided on a tattoo style at least, the traditional Sailor Jerry style (Americana), so Hawaii felt like a special place to get it started ;that’s where Sailor Jerry settled in the 1930's, Early on in Sweden I got very inspired from reading my grandmothers 1950's magazines. Later on in Art school my passion was definitely old school pinup girl posters, sailor tattoos, rockabilly and vintage/retro art in general. I feel like its something that I will never grow tired on. Hence my tattoo style of choice.

What made you start getting tattoos?

I LOVE the way they look. I see them as a permanent extension of my personality. CC shines through EVEN without me opening my big mouth. and I love that I have all these little stories and memories on my body. Oh and let me not get started on how much I love dudes with tats hahahaa

When did you get your first peice of work?

I started getting tattoos very late. Did not get my first one until I was 31yrs old (so 3 years ago)

What do your family think of your ink?

My mom hates them. Tattoos are for gangsters, criminals and motorcycle gang members specifically. (We had a big Hells Angles chapter in my hometown of Helsingborg, Sweden) And what will the neighbors think?! (uhm mom we don't even live in the same country anymore!) Dad gets really mad for 2min then he is over it ...

I think he is just like-well she can always put a long-sleeved shirt on, problem fixed. Mom wants to do a tattoo intervention. I mean its not like I got Drake tattooed on my forehead. All of my ink has very thoughtful placement and meaning behind them.

''Paperchasers Ink is a Great mag! Love the ink and the people that you choose to feature. I get a very good vibe from it and would love to be a part of it. '

What Advice Would You Give?

Live, laugh & love. Repeat. Work hard so you can play hard. STAY GOLD. -Then add whiskey hahahaha Yes I know it may sound very cliché but I try my best to live by those words.

What are you going to get done next?

My tattoo artist (Daniel Cotte) has finally successfully persuaded me to get a dragon tattooed on my right thigh, to compliment the tiger I have climbing up the left side of my body. It will be pretty big, so I may get something else smaller before that.

What do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

Great mag! Love the ink and the people that you choose to feature. I get a very good vibe from it and would love to be a part of it.

How many tattoos have you got?

11 and going :)


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