Im just a fun, young lad that doesn't take life too seriously and some of my tattoos represent that side of me. Also I'm quite a gamer and I have a few tats that refer to them.

On my left arm I''ve got several tattoos that are quite cartoony, such as my Mickey Mouse minced up in a burger as I like a good burger plus its just plain ridiculous! I got the inspiration for that from Kreayshawn.

I have my nickname tatted across my wrist, a nickname which I've had since I was tiny. On my right arm I've got a big Tutankhamun piece which represents a bit of a liking I had for Ancient Egypt when i was younger, I find the whole concept around Egypt weird and mysterious and that's appealed to me from a young age so that shows that

What got you into tattoos?

Ive grown up and been surrounded by tattoos from a young age - both my parents have a ton of tattoos each and that's what got me into it mainly, finding them interesting and visually appealing to look at.

As I grew older I realised that tattoos make a person unique and apart from the rest of the crowd and I'm certainly not normal so altogether tattooing was the perfect thing for me.

What was the last tattoo that you got done?

I got two pieces done in my last session - Domo Kuns name in japanese under the Domo Kun tattoo Ive had done on my outer-left wrist and also a quote from a game called Bioshock, it says "A man chooses, a slave obeys" the message behind that in my opinion is strong and it inspires me to do whats best for me, i choose my destiny not others.

''I think that Paperchasers ink is a great magazine - it shows what the everyday person has inked upon their skin and it gives it a down-to-earth feel''

what are you going to get done next?

Im not entirely sure what im having done next, my minds scattered with all sorts of tattoo ideas at the moment! Such as a piece surrounding an alien on my right bicep, my dogs head in a jar like in futurama or a tattoo of Lil B The Basedgod as hes my favourite artist.

what shop and artists do you get your ink from?

All 8 of my tattoos are done by Brian at Copycatz in Crewe, I highly recommend him if you're in the area!

what do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

Paperchasers ink is a great magazine - it shows what the everyday person has inked upon their skin and it gives it a down-to-earth feel. It doesn't just surround well-known people/tattooists (like a lot of tattoo magazines have) its for everybody from all walks of life and its a good way of letting people show off their skin!


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Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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