Hi i'm Jade, i'm a professional model, dancer and French Bulldog lover based in London I've has been professionally modelling for two years and dancing for over ten years.

I have worked with Kylie Minogue, Rachel Stevens, Ashanti and Primal Scream. I love changing my look and standing out from the crowd. I love music, dancing and fashion.

I am a creative person who makes the most of life. I am best described as the fine line between confidence and arrogance. I love meeting new photographers and the different styles of shoots they have to offer. I always have great stories to tell from each shoot. I can proclaim myself most whilst doing shoots; my energy and playful sides come to life :)

What made you start getting tattoos?

I've always admired heavily tattooed people, I never thought I would have this many but i guess i just got caught up and just kept collecting. My first tattoo was at the age of 18, and I loved it so much, but I was scared at first to get to many to quick because you always wonder what people will think but after a while I didn't care what people thought and I still don't lol. I started off by getting smaller tattoo's that could be hidden. Once I decided to get my first full sleeve I loved it so much my passion grew and now I cant stop.

When did you get your first piece of work?

I got My first tattoo at the age of 18 which was a classic tribal pattern which is on the bottom of my back, but unfortunately I am getting this removed as i'm wanting a full back piece now. I had my friend design my first as I never pick from a book.

What do your family think of your ink?

My family, love them both. Both my mum and brother have a few of their own, but not like me, I took it to the next level :). My mum has always said she's fine with them as long as they don't touch my face….but I cant promise I wont lol

''I think that Paperchasers ink is a great magazine - it shows what the everyday person has inked upon their skin and it gives it a down-to-earth feel''

What Advice Would You Give?

Do your research and get the right artist for you. Know what you want and never look for a cheap option, aways go for the best, after all it is on you for life.

What are you going to get done next?

I’ve actually already got my next one booked, a Chola [Mexican Gangster Girls face] on the side of my head

What do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

Music and tattoo's are two of my favourite things, so to me paperchasers ink is my kind of mag, thrilled to be apart of it :)

How many tattoos have you got?

I have full leg, arm and chest coverage and the odd few cheeky ones but individually the collection counts up to over 60 tattoos and i'm not done yet.


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Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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