My name is Kristina "Kween" Brown, I have been modeling for almost 3 and have been fortunate to be published in various magazines. I am incredibly versatile and can model a wide spectrum of different styles above and beyond, fashion, pinup glamor, fetish, lingerie, etc. I love creating art, modeling is more than just taking a pretty picture, it's a visual experience.

I want the viewer to FEEL something when they see a picture, rather than just see what is portrayed. I feel it is important it is to be able to express yourself through art. Creativity is something that I have embraced throughout my entire life…from watching people get tattooed at a young age, to getting my first tattoos with her. My body is my canvas and I use my body as a form of expression..

I started modeling after being approached by a tattoo magazine, and although I had always been photogenic, never did I think that I would be published in magazines. Here I am today, though, and I absolutely love being in front of the camera and using my body as the medium to convey a desired message. In addition, I love being able to display the beautiful tattoos that I have collected for the past 10 plus years. Modeling is extremely fulfilling to me, and I am looking forward to expanding my portfolio.

Although I am heavily tattooed, I do not want to limit myself to strictly tattoo magazines. I am interested in and have been experimenting in the realm of fetish modeling as well as pin-up modeling. I am not opposed to doing horror themed shoots either, seeing that stepping out of your normal day-to-day attire is all part of the experience… being able to play dress-up as an adult and get away with it!

What made you start getting tattoos?

I watched my mom get tattoos since before I can remember. I have always been a fan of art so i wanted a collection of my own. My mom also took me to get my first couple tattoos so it was a bonding experience for us both.

How do you deal with the pain?

After a while it stops hurting. I usually listen to the music thats playing in the shop and relax until it's over.

What do your family think of your ink and have any of them got ink?

My mom had a love of ink before I did so they weren't surprised when I came home with ink myself. My family has always been supporting of everything I do so I have never been afraid of expressing myself.

''I love Paperchase ink magazine because it has a very diverse crowd and representation. I feel that I also have that same appeal, coming from a biracial background, and I really respect that! ''

What Advice Would You Give?

Make sure your ink means something to you so that even if the color fades, the memories never will.

What was your last tattoo and what are you going to get done next?

my last tattoo was my upper arm flowers that flow to my chest, I got them and my grandmothers earrings in remembrance of her passing, a year ago. I plan on getting some more ink on my legs in the near future.

What do you think of Paperchasers ink magazine and how did you find out about it?

I love Paperchase ink magazine because it has a very diverse crowd and representation. I feel that I also have that same appeal, coming from a biracial background, and I really respect that!

How many tattoos have you got?

I couldn't really tell you how many, but I have a little over 140 hours of work now.









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