Hip hop artist from hertfordshire ! 20yrs old ! started getting tattooed from the age of 16 & haven't stopped. HipHop & ink fall hand in hand but not to follow fashion & all about self expression ! hit up my twitter & search Ahkay Artist/Diabolik Prophets on youtube for my music ! peace

Whats got you into tattoos?

Self expression got me into tattoos i suppose, also being involved in music they are undoubtably the 2 best forms of expression.

What do your family think of your tattoos?

most of my family have come to accept my tattoos because there's alot of memorial tattoos for family members & also heritage & music. throat mad the mother abit pissed but shes bless with it now ;)

What advice would you give when it comes to tattoos?

think before you ink !! on a real level i hear enough people telling me they want this and that and 2 days later have changed there mind! if you feel strongly enough about something then there's no better way to express that than brand it on your skin!!

What are you going to get done next?

carry on working on the chicano sleeve & finish the throat piece & what ever milestones i cross along the way.

''if you feel strongly enough about something then there's no better way to express that than brand it on your skin!''

What is the best tattoo that you have seen in your life?

difficult ,, all work by Boog, theres so many about nice pieces out there.

How do you deal with the pain?

most painful part is paying , on a real just sink a couple cans of relentless & man it out really.

Tattoo Artist?

Bobby Loveridge

Tattoo Shop?

No Sain Ink letchworth

What do you think of Paperchasers Ink?

Paperchaser ink are getting it in right now and doing such a good look on the UK tattoo scene ! more people are accepting tattoos these days and its people like Paperchaser ink that are helping that happen so big up Paperchaser Ink all day.


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