We are very free spirited and I like to stand out, being a twin I've always stood out but even when I'm walking alone its my look and my goofiness and my genuine friendliness towards pretty much everyone that sets me apart from your average... and then of course my tattoos set it all off.

My tattoos range from cute things I like, like bows and hello kitty, to things significant to me and my life...a Creole flag and my daughters birthday in Tibetan tattoos all represent me in some way, professionally done or not I don't regret any of them.

Inky: I am an artist working with acrylic/oil paints and mixed media in theSF Bay area and I love being able to express myself with color!! Aside from painting, I also model for art schools, holding poses for painting/drawing classes; I enjoy helping other artist develop their skills and seeing their work progress. Me and Nandi, have been modeling together for about 3 years; we call ourselves, "The Whoo Twinz" because we both have tatted the image of Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 and 2 ( she is 2 min older and is therefore Thing 1)

What made you start getting tattoos?

Nandi: Well tattoos weren't as popular when I was a kid as they are now, so I started getting tattoos to be creative and different, I liked the idea of creating permanent memories on my body where everyone could see. Inky: what made me start getting tattoos was my love for art; anything >> artistic draws me in and at 17, I had to get my first tattoo.

When did you get your first piece of work?

Nandi: I was 16 and wanted a tattoo and I finally got my mom to come with me and sign the consent form since I was so young, I really liked the rapper, eve's, paw prints so I decided to get the 3 paw prints on my thigh...the rest is history

Inky: My first tattoo is the small black butterfly I have on my ankle, nothing special, I just choose a design in the shop, I think I really just wanted to know what it felt like at that point.

''Paperchasers Ink Mag is another awesome outlet for the urban tattoo world, there's only one major urban tattoo magazine out here in the states, so we're happy to see that one has popped up across the globe in the UK''

What do your family think of your ink?

Our older family members aren't to fond of tattoos in general lol they don't say anything but they just have that look when they see our bodies like "oh my God" and look away lol, but our mom openly states her feelings about our tattoos even tho she has like 5 nice sized ones lol, she hates that we're getting them so young, she got all hers when she was in her 40's.

What Advice Would You Give?

Just don't rush into getting a tattoo, wait until your for sure that you want it...not because you'd be stuck with it if you didn't like it (especially if your already tatted cuz you can just get it covered) but because it would be a waste of time and money and its just better to know for sure what you want.

What are you going to get done next?

No comment lol you'll have to wait and see.

What do you think of paperchasers ink magazine?

Paperchasers Ink Mag is another awesome outlet for the urban tattoo world, there's only one major urban tattoo magazine out here in the states, so we're happy to see that one has popped up across the globe in the UK. We are very appreciative to be apart of this magazine as we support tattoos, their beauty, and the different meanings they hold for each individual who wears them.

How many tattoos have you got?











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