Skateboarding's early roots have always been known to be associated with smoking weed, old school hip hop and baggy clothes. Things we all appreciate here at Paperchasers.

Whether you're a diehard skater or you just love the brands find inspiration from the likes of Thrasher and Santa Cruz for sick tattoo pieces that pop. Skateboard tattoos often incorporate cartoon-style drawings of skateboards placing emphasis on the decks and trucks of the skateboard. Or you could switch it up with something radical like a skateboarder skating with crutches. Skateboarding was born in the late 1940s as a way of surfing on the streets. Whilst old school footage of skating shows people in arm and knee pads you won't see any of that weak shit nowadays. If you fall bad there's nothing else you can do apart from pick that board up and skate some more. If you can firm the pain of landing bad after a heelflip over an eleven set you'll have no issues with the pain of these sick tattoos.

As a skater, I can talk about skating all day so why not go for it?

-Skateboarding was born in California when surfers were finding waves too weak to surf. The answer? Why not stick some wheels on the bottom of a board

-1959 is when the first skateboards came into production- The Roller Wheel Derby made out of Clay

-Norway banned the sale of skateboards between 1978-1999. Skateboarders found a way around this by building their own skate parks in secluded areas like forests

-In 1978 a trick was performed- it became known as the ollie- the first trick skaters nowadays pick up

-Skateboard decks are commonly made out of 7 plys of wood- that's why they have been known to survive the impact of a jump over 25 steps.

-More than half of all active skaters in the U.S live in California

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Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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