Skateboarding since his 7th birthday, Clay Kreiner has proven himself time and time again in the worlds of skateboarding.

He's skateboardings biggest hot shot at Nass Festival this year and we here at Paperchasers Ink can completely understand why. Ranked 73rd overall and 10th in the world for vert skating, Kreiner is boasting some seriously impressive skate credentials so it's no wonder that he's sponsored by the likes of Nike SB and Moonshine skateboards.

Kreiner's padless 720 at the X Vert games in 2016 went down a storm and showed off his impeccable talent on the board. Talking early life, Kreiner hit up his first Gatorade Free Flow competition in 2009 securing himself a place in the finals on his very first attempt.

Kriener's VIP for the Woodward Camp is another one to watch if you wanna see the don himself smashing vert with aggression. Now I'm sat here in awe rewatching the Thrasher footage from the Vans 2017 Pool Party and it's safe to say Kreiner at least deserved second place.

WATCH: Preparation for X-Games Big Air With Clay Kreiner

With rapid kickflips almost unseen to the eye, handplants and complete control skating the bowl all add up to the skills of a truly professional skateboarder. If that's not impressive how about Clay Kreiner's kickflip body varial 540 at the Australian Bowl-riding Championship?What else makes Clay Kreiner so sick? How about the fact that he's an all round skater- in Decent he shows off his talent skating street grinding ledges and stairset railings.

WATCH: Clay Kreiner blazing NASS 2016

While the origins of the 900 are disputed a fair bit- one thing can't be- that in 2013, Clay Kreiner became the 11th person to land the 900 after recovering from a broken leg attempting the trick at Woodward camp one and a half years before.

The 900 is something like a medal of accomplishment. Something only awarded to the very best vert skaters.. At 20 years old and already being ranked 73rd in the world you need to come down and check him out at Nass.

WATCH: NASS 2016: Official Aftermovie


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