As a hip-hop head, when I caught sight of Method man and Redman headlining at NASS festival , I was mad gassed. Clifford Smith, better known as Method Man is known for his part in Wu-Tang Clan. His stage name comes from the 1979 film, Method Man. American rapper, record producer and actor is well known to most hip hop heads.

in 1996 Methodman won a grammy for best rap performance alongside Mary J Blige. In 2012, The Source placed him on their top 50 for the best lyricists all time. In the early 2000's, Method man began his career in acting. His first prominent role came with Nass and DMX in the film, Belly.

While he's a talented actor, as he's performing at NASS, we wanna focus on his rapping as part of both WuTang Clan and the Methodman and Redman duo.

To give an idea of the league Method Man was performing at, he was the only rapper to bridge the gap between Biggie and Tupac, the East Coast vs the Westcoast. He had notable performances being featured on both rappers albums.

As WuTang gained more and more prominence as a collective, Methodman began to become recognised individually being only one of two members to get a solo track on WuTangs debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. More than this, he was the first member of the group to release a solo album. His solo album, Tical (1994), was critically acclaimed upon its debut and reached number 4 in the US charts. Methodman was the only guest rapper featured on Biggie's debut album, Ready to Die. In 1996, Methodman went on to feature on Tupac Shakur's album, All Eyez On Me with the track, Got My Mind Made Up alongside sick rapper, Redman.


Let's get serious...let's talk about Redman. I wanted to start off giving some serious praise to Blackout! Proof of both Methodman and Redman's lyricism and flow.

From freestyling over funk and hip-hop at 18, Redman has seriously come a long way. When Erick Sermon met Redman for the first time he claimed he "knew there was something spectacular about him. Right off the bat" with Redman moving into Sermon's apartment within three months of them talking. Sermon clearly recognised huge potential in Redman and rightly so.

After being invited onstage by Sermon back in 1990, Redman's career kicked off big time as he layed down a freestyle describing himself using the A-Z of the alphabet. This led to Redman coming to produce his first major album, " Whut? Three album" which saw it breaking into the American top 50 and achieving gold record sales.

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What I rate most about Redman is his philosophy, "I never looked out for MTV [...] I just looked for the approval of the streets... The streets will always let you know". Redman has always been humble and stayed true to his origins and his creative flow.

However, the big triumph of both artists come in the form of their collaborative effort as Methodman and Redman.

While they had been collaborating since 1994, their first collab masterpiece came with the release of Blackout! in 1999 followed up by Blackout 2! in 2009. With bars like "Believe that shit - slaughter, straight to camcorder / I'm "Too Hot for TV," rap draw water" from Redman's verse in Blackout! and serious artillery from Methodman's verse like "Don't make me pull a Tyson and bite a nigga ear / Precise an' , slicin jugulars, the cut-throat" it is clear to see that both Eastcoast rappers go in with their collaborative efforts.

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