Our next reader who we are having a talk with is Luke who is from Bristol city!

Who are you and what do you do?

Wassup, I'm Luke, six hundred and sixty six years old from Bristol, Uk. When I'm not busy running hell and doin' general thug shit im a Jeweller / Artist / Producer on paper. I'll leave all my links at the end of this so you can fuck with me for any of those things or just creep if you want.

when did you get your first tattoo & what made you start getting inked?

Shit... thats a long time ago... I got my first when i was between 15 and 16. Was on my back / shoulder blade, some lame as fuck lyrics i got when i was with some girl and thought it was gonna be on some "forever" shit haha. Nobody ever really sees it so its calm... I'll cover it with a back piece someday anyway. which one of your tattoos hurt the most when you got it done?

Damn thats a hard one ya know. Can't really decide between my throat and my ass... (I've got "Toby' Mum Is Fit" on my ass, yeah i know... i was hella fucked up at the time sippin' n smokin' all of that) Probably throat because I had to lie there for so many hours, glad i aint gotta get either of those spots done again for real.

Pain is the name of the game, Do you use the same artist all the time?

There's only three things you cant ever cheat on... Your girl, your tattoo artist and your barber. Facts.

This a kinda hard subject but three people have done mine, two of which unfortunately arent with us anymore (RIP Dave Ayres and Aaron Osbourne) all from the same shop and family so ya know, shits crazy. Skin Deep gang for life.

''when shit hurt just think of how many people got tattoo bodysuits and tell myself to stop being a pussy''

How do you deal with the pain when getting inked?

I can't even finna lie you know ima keep it one hundred for the realistic "journalism" purposes even if this gonna upset some sensitive people. I'm usually all kinda messed up haha, plenty of weed and some muddy (codeine, promethazine + Fanta), listening to some heavy shit (Rap or Metal as ive made both) and when shit hurt just think how many people got bodysuits and tell myself to stop being a pussy.

I'm alright with pain anyway i've been involved in some hectic situations.. but that's for another day haha. How many tattoos do you have and what one do you like the most?

i aint even know what to class as "one" now ya know what im sayin? If people wanna go count they can go check my Instagram @LxrdThrxnes and holla at me lmao. Either way its quite a few. Chest, right sleeve, hand, fingers and thumbs, throat and neck, bottom lip, ass, some on my legs.

its been a while now though still last was my chest a few years ago but I've not really been worried about it for a bit.

As for the one i like the most? Either my throat/neck piece which is a clock face with an empty and full hourglass (one either side) with torn bloody wings going down the sides to the back of my neck. Means "Time Flies" cos that shits for real, trust me.. Or the C.R.E.A.M on my chest, and if you a real one and know your Wu Tang fan, i dont need to tell you what it means.

what do you think of Paperchasers Ink - urban tattoo magazine?

Yeah i see you guys out here doing ya thing for real, been fuckin' with you for a while now through reading stuff on the website. Can't remember how i heard about you in the first place my memory corrupt as a 1995 hard drive.. Think it was through Facebook you know, which is random cos I never use Facebook minus messenger, so I thought I'd pull up and show some love for the culture.

Its all love.. so where can people find you?

Out here.. anywhere, in the street, at a bar sippin' good cognac, your girls house, shopping, wherever.

Come say wassup, i dont bite. Unless you an opp.. in which case i do so pull up haha..

But nah if ya wanna find me or anything/anyone im involved with online my links are here, got some new releases coming with some crazy production.

Instagram : @LxrdThrxnes - Facebook : Luke Thrones - Youtube : Heirs To The Throne -

Shoutout Tee Black and the Paperchasers fam for this piece.

Signing out, L Thrones.



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