With our first festival of the year coming up fast, we give you a little rundown of some of the music artists who are going to a Field Day festival 2018, its going to be amazing so if you are a fan of good soulful music then is one festival that is not to be missed!


Erykah Badu

Back in 1994 when she was opening up a show for the music artist D'Angelo, who would have known that Erica Abi Wright aka Erykah Badu would move on to be known as one of the best music artists in the world, all we know is that it's going to be amazing to watch her live in action and we can't wait! follow @Erykah Badu


Neo Jessica Joshua better known as Nao is a singer-songwriter from East London but we don't need to get into all that as you should know who she is already, with her ever so unique voice follow @This_Nao


You should know already that we are hyped to see our girl IAMDDB hit the stage at the festival this year, you know that the vibes are going to be lit. Seeing her perform live is always a wave and now all we are thinking is what tracks she will be banging out! follow @iamddb

Children of Zeus​

There are some people who are born to make music and the Duo from Manchester are just them guys! As you can hear from this banger "Still Standing" a powerful song and it shows you just why the boys are doing there thing at Field Day festival follow @childrenofzeusinsta

Jordan Rakei ​

This is the track that put us onto Jordan Rakei, it's a banger! We always have fun with new talent and we must say that Jordan Rakei is one to look out for. Follow @jordanrakei


In the Paperchasers Ink office we must of played this track by the amazing artist that is Masego at least a 1000 times! The Virginia native is a self-taught saxophonist, pianist, singer, and producer who shows all his talents with the music he makes, watch this video and some of his other tracks and tell us that Masego is not a artist that you want to see live.. Field Day festival line up is bringing out the best this year! Follow @Masego

Ezra Collective

The Ezra Collective are going to be on the stage at Field Day festival this year and you know that its going to be a madness when the five member team fill the air with the dope music that they create they have been touring the world and now we get to see them at Field Day, vibes...

Follow @ezracollective

Earl Sweatshirt

We have seen Earl Sweatshirt on the stage before some years ago at Boom Bap festival and his set was lit, now in 2018 we know that the Odd Future member will be bringing that vibe to Field Day, what we are gassed about finding this out, I wonder what tracks hes gonna be putting us on to

Follow @soapmanwun

Loyle Carner

Well you know that we had to get Loyle on this list as the Croydon music artist has been making waves in the game for a hot min, its good to see a artist who put loads of work into what they do check him out Follow @loylecarner

The Comet Is Coming

The Comet Is Coming are a collective who are based in London, the music they make is amazing! Its soundtrack music, we love the way they incorporate elements of jazz, electronica and funk psychedelic Follow @cometcoming


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Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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