People always want Chicano style tattoos, people like the guns, the girls, the cars, people want that Chicano style tattoos because they love that Latino gangster lifestyle. Well they like to see on TV, they like to hear it in music, they now can always have a little bit of that gangster lifestyle on the skin as the Chicano style of tattooing is world famous as the cartoonish/realistic mix of artwork is very attractive when done by the right tattoo artist because some may be fool to think that this kind of artwork is easy to do, but it's not just like every other aspect of tattooing it's all about the detail and artwork.

And being a guy from London city, i dont understand what every element means within the Chicano artwork, but I'm sure if someone from the culture was to break down to me I would be in love with this style of art even more, because we all know it's about that gang shit.

#tattoocollection #LATESTNEWS

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