For loads of us all over the world I'll childhood mainly consist of grabbing our friends and trying to put them in the worst wrestling move we could ever imagine just to fuck them up, and years down the line from when superstars like The Undertaker used to be his opponents worst nightmare up to now, when the likes of Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. the rock and John Cena now dominate the canvas and the movie world.

As a matter of fact I could beat you two with both my arms and my legs tied. I'll roll down this ramp and score myself a 7-10 idiot split! Chris Jericho​

Some people just hate on wrestling for no goddamn reason but to be a arsehole, these guys and girls are athletes to train every day to be the best, and yes it may not be 100% real but that doesn't take away the fact that wrestling has grabbed the imagination of the world from the young kids to the old.

#tattoocollection #LATESTNEWS

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