You what time it is right now! we have readers from all over the world and right here we have a talk with one of our hot readers from Atlanta, Usa. to have a talk about her tattoos and a bit more

So lets start by you telling us who is Malka X?

I'm 28 years old, originally from Atlanta, GA and am currently loving life in Los Angeles, CA. I am a formally trained educator, tattoo model and an art enthusiast.

When did you get your first tattoo?

I was the legal age of 18 when I got my first tattoo. Mama wasn't havin' it anytime before then! Funny enough, my first tattoo is a 'Steel Magnolia' based off of the 1989 movie. The flower is a tribute to my mom and all the bad ass women in my life.

how many tattoos do you have on your body so far?

I technically have 27 tattoos but some are so large they have to account for more than one!

lol, we get that. as we can see from your insta page, you dont mind getting your booty out?

I love my body. It's beautiful and the art that decorates it is worth sharing with the world. Like many women, I struggled with my weight and overall self confidence. A few years ago I realized, "ain't nobody got time for that!" so I took a risk and began taking more revealing pictures to show people that you don't have to be 120lbs to be sexy!

that is so true.. you just won miss due south, well done, tell us about the competition?

Due South Tattoo Expo is one of the most amazing conventions I have attended. I left the stage last year with the title of Second Runner Up and was determined to take the crown this year! I wore an amazing black dress with high slits to show my leg art, took my time answering questions and next thing I knew, I was wearing the crown!

that is so sick! well done

What truly made a difference this year is that I had the support of my entire family and I wasn't afraid to let my confidence show! I also got a beautiful tattoo from the amazing Pony (@pony_tbr) the day before the competition at his Due South booth, so it's safe to say I was feelin' myself!

''I love that Paperchasers Ink works to push against the single story and, instead, shed light on the beautiful aspects of the tattoo world and on talented artists both near and far that make magic with a needle and ink!''

So what tattoo artists do you go to?

I have had the privilege to be tattooed by so many talented artists including: Taylor Hope (, Cake (@lovelivecake), Tai Viper (@thaviper), Chevy The Artist (@chevytheartist) and Charro Sanchez (@sanchezjose_art). Since I've given a good majority of my body to American artists, I'm now looking forward to creating some unique pieces with international artists.

what one of your tattoos do you like the most?

My favorite tattoo has to be my black and grey Malcolm X portrait by Roger Parrilla of Ink Master (@rogerparrilla). The portrait is so well done, it literally looks like a sticker! This piece reminds me to stay focused, disciplined and chase my dreams "By Any Means Necessary".

what do you think of Paperchasers Ink - magazine?

Paperchasers Ink Magazine is changing the face of Urban Tattoo culture in the UK. I had the privilege of studying abroad at Kings College from 2010-2011 and while in London I was exposed to the negative and positive mind frame people had around tattoos. I love that Paperchasers Ink works to push against the single story and, instead, shed light on the beautiful aspects of the tattoo world and on talented artists both near and far that make magic with a needle and ink!

how do you deal with the pain when getting tattooed?

I would be lying if I said I don't have a drink or two any time I get tattooed. However, more recently I've learned how to channel the pain and breathe through it. As many tattoo collectors know, depending on the location, pain can sometimes begin to feel pleasurable and almost therapeutic.

tell us something about yourself that people dont know about you?

I am a dog mom! My dog, Ace, is a chocolate Doberman Pinscher I rescued in 2014! thank you for talking with us

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