Next up for this round of our interviews with our amazing magazine readers, we have a lady who is all about tattoos, chilling out in the wild doing some hunting or online getting her booty our.. oh yeah she loves smoking weed just as much as we do.

lets kick this off by you telling us who is Sunny Sedro?

I'm an office worker for the government of Alberta. I love to create things and paint. I try to indulge my creative side often, it calms me. I have two chihuahuas Peanut and Paisley, they are my world. I love taking photos and being in photos. I have recorded a lot of my life I enjoy looking back and seeing the progress. I was raised by a hard working hippie so I smoke a lot of weed, spend a lot of time outside and with my family. Quadding is by far my favorite thing to do outdoors.


so we see that you are a stoner girl, whats your fav strains that you have smoked so far?

The person I get my weed from likes super high quality weed, anything from him, sativas and indacus is usually amazing. I don't think I have any favorites every two weeks we try something new, get enough everyone can have like sample bags of all the kinds, it's pretty fun. Mix them all up and not be able to stand. It's great.

what made you start getting inked?

My Sister and I put our Asian names on our backs, in the same place. My father put each of our names down his arms. This is the unity we have to our family, but mostly each other. It was my first tattoo and I loved what a tattoo could symbolize. When I tell people what my tattoos mean they get to know a part of me that some dont.

''I love how different your magazine is. I've been in a range of magazines but yours caught my eye. It's not what my father refers to as just a girl magazine. You have interviews and with different people, genders''

what tattoo artists do you get your ink from?

I've gone to a couple places around Calgary, but my favorite place here is Strange World Tattoos. They are some of the nicest people I've met but not only that they are fast and produce amazing work. bit of a crazy question,

would you ever do porn?

I dont think so. I know my Instagram states other wise but I'm kind of a prude. I also never thought I'd be doing the things I am do I guess only time will tell. I think if I really needed some money for food or housing i would take the leap before struggling.

what one of your tattoos do you like the most?

My warrior on my right arm, it's to symbolize my Dadd. He has done so much for me, he really is the best father. It makes me think hes always with me protecting me, as he does in real life.

what do you think of Paperchasers Ink - magazine?

I love how different your magazine is. I've been in a range of magazines but yours caught my eye. It's not what my father refers to as just a girl magazine. You have interviews and with different people, genders. You tell stories and have your own image. I didnt think I'd get accepted due to how differen t it is, but that goes to show your vast range of diversity in your magazine. I am very excited to be apart of it. Proud almost. Didnt get that with some of the magazines.

how do you deal with the pain when getting tattooed?

I try to meditate and talk myself through it in my head. The older I get the more painful it seems though. Lately I just try to tell the artist more so they can help, maybe take more breaks. At some point you just have to lay there and take it. Cant have the tattoo without the pain.

how did you get into getting your ass out on the net?

I like attention. I'm pretty sure that's really what it all comes down too. I had spent a lot of my younger life trying to isolate myself, fit in, not really be seen. Then at some point I found Instagram and said fuck that. The people gave me attention and I enjoyed that. I push maybe to keep that more than others by seeing a need to post the type of stuff that I do but i am ok with who I am in this stage of my life :)

thank you for talking with us and where can people find you?

thank you for letting me be apart of your magazine! Xo

Follow Sunny Online - Instagram: @sunny03sedro


Paperchasers Ink - issue #11
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