Our next inked up reader who we talk with is a talented lady by the name of Trisha, over in the USA, we told you lot that we have members of the Paperchasers Ink movement all over the world so watch your back...

So lets start by you telling us who is Trisha Padilla?

Haha, I always get so shy when a question like this is asked... I would like to be known as an artist of all arts. I love doing tattoos but my first passion was always music, then I also started painting as well. I would say, I’m a multi-talented woman of color who aspires to inspire others... With pure focus, pure intentions and a pure heart, you can be and do anything you want to do in this world!

so what got you started on the road to being a tattoo artist?

Well I’ve always been into the arts, wether it was singing, dancing, or drawing or painting... And honestly now that I look back at it, class mates in middle school-high school would always ask me to give them sharpie tattoos,

haha! I got my first tattoo around the age of 18 and I want to say after about my 4th piece was when I stepped into the shop where I started at, Born Artful and asked how I could be an apprentice/artist. At the time when I first started I was going to college for nursing... but I knew it was something I didn’t want to do. I just wanted to make the family proud. I quit my good paying job a few months after I started and hid the fact that I was a tattoo artist for a few months from my family as well because I knew it would be hard for them to accept it, but now they support me fully.

''I LOVE this magazine. I love the fact that you guys use your platform to showcase different artists, different styles of tattooing and models of all shapes, sizes and color and people from all over the world!''

What was the first tattoo that you done on someone?

the first tattoo I’ve ever done was on one of the homies at the shop, just some simple Roman numerals.

What dose the writing say that you have on your leg?

The writing on my leg is very near and dear to my heart. I got it tatted on me by my bro at our shop (@BornArtful_) back in 2015. It’s a paragraph from the book Game of Thrones, about Arya Stark with her dire wolf and a moon behind the words. I love this tattoo because I resonate with Arya so much, I feel as if she’s a warrior, a true fighter just like me.

“That was the best part, the dreaming. She dreamed of wolves most every night. A great pack of wolves, with her at the head. She was bigger than any of them, stronger, swifter, faster. She could outrun horses and outfight lions. When she bared her teeth even men would run from her, her belly was never empty long, and her fur kept her warm even when the wind was blowing cold. And her brothers and sisters were with her, many and more of them, fierce and terrible and hers. They would never leave her.” -George R.R. Martin

what made you start getting inked?

I always was fascinated with tattoos at a young age. Like I said in middle school-high school classmates would always ask me to give them sharpie tattoos because they saw I would draw on myself. I got my first one at 18, a bible verse that means so much to me, Proverbs 31:25 “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” I wanted to cover my body in art and words that will remind me of who I am and how strong I am...

what tattoo artists do you go to?

I usually just get inked from my brothers at our shop in Florida (Born Artful). But there are some artists that I’m saving space for that I can’t wait to get tattooed by. I would love a piece from Miryam Lumpini, Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter at City of Ink in Atlanta, and Lane Wilcken who does traditional Filipino tribal tattoos.

What one of your tattoos do you like the most?

the one that means the most would definitely be the one on my thigh about Arya Stark.

What do you think of Paperchasers Ink - magazine?

I LOVE this magazine. I love the fact that you guys use your platform to showcase different artists, different styles of tattooing and models of all shapes, sizes and color and people from all over the world!

How do you deal with the pain when getting tattooed?

I’m a big baby honestly I love tattoos, I love the art, but I hate the pain. The best way I deal with it is to just breathe... like I’m doing yoga and meditating... haha!

What are some of the craziest tattoos that people have asked you to do on them?

No body has really asked me to do anything crazy lately really... I think they just know not to try me, haha!

lol.. thank you for talking with us and where can people find you, if you come over to the UK make sure you holla at us?

I would love to come back to the U.K. last time I went was in 2015! I enjoyed every minute and the views were breathtaking! I will definitely stop by PaperChasers Ink head quarters, I’m all about networking, meeting awesome people and being around dope vibes! Looking forward to it!



Instagram: @trishaanne.padilla

Facebook business page: Trisha Anne

Twitter: @itstrishbetch


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