The sad Mac Miller story continues as the police have now charged a man with selling drugs to Miller before his death, we dont know the in's and out's of the case but what we do know that it was concluded to be an accidental overdose.

the man arrested is 28-year-old Cameron James Petit and now has been charged of distributing a controlled substance. some of the evidence that has been put against Petit includes text messages he sent to a friend after Mac Miller’s body was found, with one reading: “Most likely I will die in jail”. It has also been said messages between Petit and Miller have been discovered.

“Most likely I will die in jail”

Los Angeles prosecutors have said Mac Miller believed he was taking a painkiller named oxycodone but was sold a version of the drug which had fentanyl in it, a substance which is fifty times stronger than heroin, wow thats some powerful shit to be popping!

Petit is being held in custody until a hearing in court. If he is found guilty then he could spend up to twenty years in the big house. its going to be fucked up if it comes out that he was Mac's friend and not just the some dealer, just think if it was you that gave your friend some drugs that killed him because you got the wrong info about what you are selling!

we have been fans of Mac Miller from back in the day when his name was Easy Mac and to this day 'Kids' still remains a sick album.. all we can say is RIP Mac Miller

People from all over the world loved Mac and that's why in the last issue of Paperchasers Ink we collected all the best tattoo of Mac Miller so you can see what a impact the dude had.


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