Robot Arm Performs the ‘World’s First’ Remote Tattoo

The world's first-ever remotely needled tattoo was done in real-time using a 5G-powered robotic arm. so before the robots take over the world and wipe out humans from the face of the earth, it looks like they will be helping push the art of tattooing to a new place.

T-Mobile in the Netherlands was wanted to promote its 5G network's speed, reliability, and low latency, so they teamed up with tattoo artist Wes Thomas and actress Stijn Fransen who was both at different locations, sitting in chair in the Netherlands Fransen’s skin was pulled tight with bandages and her arm strapped down to ensure stillness and Wes then got to work all the way over here in London.

This remote tattoo project is certainly not a push to replace human tattoo artists. Instead, its all about showing the wide boundaries of remote communication and 5G cellular technology. “I wasn’t trying to replace traditional tattooing [or] the human aspect of tattooing with this robot-led concept,” says Noel Drew, a technologist who was behind this project.

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