RAW Terpene Odour Neutraliser Candle


As we all know about RAW they are all things natural and the same can be said for the new RAW candle. RAW's Terpene Candle is made from non-GMO Soy Wax, Hemp Seed Oil, Myrcene and therapeutic grade terpene essential oils which are all natural, creating a clean burning candle. The RAW candle is great for aromatherapy, relaxing all your sensory senses due to the terpene as well as neutralizing any odours due to the sweet aroma that is let off. Burn time is 15 hours. RAW Terpene Sensory Enhanced Candles can be bought in mulitple buys to save you money, ensuring the aroma's are all round you, where ever you go. Enjoy!

  • info

    Made From:

    • Non GMO - Soy Wax
    • Hemp Seed
    • Therapeutic Grade Terpene Essential Oils
    • Myrcene

    We Sell Only Genuine RAW Candles.

    • Raw Candle
    • Non GMO
    • Natural
    • Clean Burning
    • Burn Time: 15 Hours

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