Last Thursday we made our way down to Bristol for this years Nass festival and just like last year it was loads of fun. we had so much shit to take with us, it was crazy but we made it happen!! 8 man tent, 700 magazines, all of our filming stuff and clothes, but hey!! welcome to the festival life! anyway, the festival didn't open the gates to the public till 11am on friday morning and as all the stallholders done all the last finishing touches to their shops, we could hear the thousands of people hype up waiting to be let in! the people at the front was not fucking about and had be lining up for hours! well you know what they say, the early bird gets the best camping spot!



We ran over to the gates to make sure that we didn't miss the countdown! it was real crazy to walk through the camping fields and seeing not one tent and to think that in only a couple of hours there's going to be 15.000 people putting up tents and getting their party on!!! 


on the friday it all kicked off with a mad lineup of music artists, what you need to understand about Nass is that its a big place and there is loads going on all at the same time! there is the main stage, southbank, the warehouse, the hanger, truck & bearing and the sika studios stage and tons more!!!


NASS 2016: Skate Pro Park Highlights


We had a blast all weekend and the weather was banging as well, loads of sun with little bits of rain but nothing to bitch about.. lol. we loved seeing people rolling around on skateboards and Bmx's dipping though the crowds and that's not even the athletes, it's sets a vibe that can only be found at Nass and that's one of the reasons why we love it! people of all ages coming together for the love of urban sports and good music.


We gave out some of the new issue of the magazine and met loads of amazing people who we will be working with in the future and bumped into some familiar faces who we met last year, 




NASS 2016: BMX Pro Dirt Finals