we are getting ready for the next issue of Paperchasers Ink magazine, that will feature some of our readers, we want to know if you have the tattoos,...

Out of all the festivals that we have covered over the years, we have to tell you that we have mad love for NASS. with only 6 months till it's pops an...

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Our next inked up reader who we talk with is a talented lady by the name of Trisha, over in the USA, we told you lot that we have members of the Paperchasers Ink movement all over the world so watch your back...

So lets start by you telling us who is Trisha Padilla?


who is Alex Canvas?

Alex Canvas is a determined upcoming tattoo model from Memphis, TN

how many tattoos do you have far, you have a lot so its kind of hard to count?

That’s definitely a fact! I have quite a few and to be honest with you I have never tried to count my tatt...

Next up for this round of our interviews with our amazing magazine readers, we have a lady who is all about tattoos, chilling out in the wild doing some hunting or online getting her booty our.. oh yeah she loves smoking weed just as much as we do.

lets kick this off by...

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